Complaint / Thank you

When can I expect a response?

A receipt confirmation is issued within the first 5 days following the receipt of a notification. Due to the individual nature of each complaint, which may involve multiple departments, great importance is placed on a thorough analysis. Generally, a processing time of up to 40 days can be expected.

How many days do I have to submit a complaint or a thank-you note?

Complaints must be submitted within a maximum of 6 months after the event. There is no time limit for appreciations.

How will my report be processed?

The Quality Management of the CGDIS is committed to achieving the highest quality in the analysis of notifications. Internal processes with specific guidelines ensure an efficient handling of complaints. Quality Management at the CGDIS ensures a comprehensive approach, involving all departments and also includes communication with the individual who submitted the notification. Both appreciations and complaints are discussed with the concerned parties within the CGDIS to identify potential improvements and integrate them in the future.

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