Complaint / Thank you

When can I expect a response?

Every individual who reports a complaint receives an acknowledgement of receipt within the first 5 days of reporting it to us. Since each complaint is unique and since several different departments within the CGDIS can be concerned, we place a high value on the quality of the complaint analysis. In general, a response time of up to 40 days can be expected.

How many days do I have to submit a complaint or a thank-you note?

In general, complaints can be submitted up to a maximum of 6 months after the complaint event. There is no time limit for thank-you messages.

How will my report be processed?

The CGDIS quality management always strives to offer the highest quality in the analysis of reports. In-house, we work with specific processes that define exactly how complaints are to be processed. Generally, the quality management team collaborates with he diffrent departments that are concerned and also seeks contact with the complainant. Thank-you notes as well as complaints are processed while in contact with the people involved in the incident. It is also our aim to implement the resulting improvement opportunities as soon as possible.

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